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Gardai out in force for trouble-makers

Gardai will mount special operations against thugs in an attempt to ensure that there is no repeat of Halloween violence in a west Dublin suburb.

Last Halloween's mayhem in Ballyfermot, which led to five gardai being hospitalised, saw scenes of mayhem on the streets.

Sources have revealed that a "robust policing plan" will be in place in Ballyfermot on Wednesday night of next week and in the nights before.

"There are plans for lots of extra units on the night and intelligence-gathering is already in place to try to ensure there are no repeats," said a source.

Last year, street lights in Ballyfermot were broken and four jeeps were stolen from locations in the Midlands ahead of the trouble.

The violence resulted in a female garda requiring nine staples in her head after being pinned to a wall by a jeep, while a squad car was also rammed .

Perhaps the most dangerous Halloween violence occurred in 1995, when 25 people were arrested during riots involving up to 200 people. Officers seized 72 petrol bombs.