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Gardai on alert over lost drugs gang feud

ARMED garda patrols have been increased as officers try to get a grip on a bitter feud that has broken out in the city centre of the capital.

Two flats have been burnt out and a young man has been savagely beaten with a wheel brace, and detectives fear the dispute will escalate and spread to other parts of the city.

A property in the Pearse House flats complex was torched in the early hours of last Saturday, and less than two hours later a flat in the nearby Leo Fitzgerald House was also gutted by a blaze.

Gardai are treating both incidents as arson, and it is understood the occupants of both properties are innocent victims.

A senior source told the Herald: "Things are very very tense in the flats in the Dublin 2 area at the moment.

"This started as a dispute over missing drugs, but the situation has got very ugly now."

The arson attacks happened six days after a young man was brutally attacked with a wheel brace in the Pearse House complex. The victim, who is in his 20s, required extensive treatment at St James's Hospital.

He has nothing to do with the missing drugs, sources have told the Herald.

The same sources revealed that a 23-year-old criminal who was recently released from prison was at the centre of the violent feud.

He and and his associates are the chief suspects for the wheel brace attack on the man on the night of March 16.

The thug, from Pearse House, has strong links to the Fat Freddie Thompson mob.

Gardai fear that his association with the notorious gang may lead to the conflict spreading to other areas of the south inner city.


Gardai are also investigating if a savage attack on another young man in the Sheriff Street area of the north inner city is linked to the feud on the other side of the river.

This victim also has strong links to the Thompson mob.

The 23-year-old criminal at the centre of the drugs dispute, who "has been causing mayhem" since his release from jail, has strong links to a notorious jewellery robber from the south inner city.