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Gardai on alert as websites encourage riots in the city on big results party night

Gardai are on alert after a spate of websites were set up inciting riots in Dublin during tonight's Leaving Cert result celebrations. Officers have received a number of complaints about the social networking sites which encourage young people to riot in the Grafton Street and O' Connell Street areas of the capital.

One website seen by the Herald calls on students to, "Go break everything and don't forget to loot."

London was hit by a spate of violence and looting after similar calls on social networking sites last week.

Sources said that gardai will "remain vigilant" tonight as thousands of teenagers celebrate their results.

"We have been aware since last week of these websites and they are being monitored," the source added "Extra public order measures are always put in place for the Leaving Cert results night to combat underage drinking and rowdy behaviour. Tonight will be no different," said a garda source.

On one website seen by the Herald, an individual attempts to incite trouble on O'Connell Street tonight by posting: "Riot Time Show That Your The Craziest Mandems Out There And Go Break Everything And Dont Forget To Loot."


However, the site has only 23 people who confirm that they are attending the planned riot on the northside tonight.

The garda source added: "It is easy for people to say things on sites like Facebook -- putting these things into practice is a different matter. Of course if there is any serious trouble tonight, gardai will be ready for it."

Last week's unprecedented riots in England were fuelled by hundreds of people inciting the mayhem on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Two men who incited rioting on the social networking site Facebook were jailed yesterday for four years as UK courts handed out their toughest sentences to date.

The men were the first to be sentenced by Crown Court judges for their involvement in the mass disorder that swept England.

Jordan Blackshaw (20) and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan (22) were jailed for four years each for inciting the trouble on Facebook despite both being of previous good character.

Blackshaw created an event on the site entitled Smash Down Northwich Town, while Sutcliffe-Keenan encouraged a riot in Warrington on the same site.


Blackshaw created an event and encouraged rioters to meet behind a McDonald's branch at a specified time.

Sutcliffe-Keenan set up a page entitled Warrington Riots and invited anyone who wished to be involved on the evening of August 10 to sign up.

Neither Blackshaw nor Sutcliffe-Keenan were accused of rioting or looting themselves, yet the pair were given the lengthiest sentences so far.