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Gardai 'need resources to tackle crime gangs'


Kieran Dennison

Kieran Dennison




Kieran Dennison

GARDAI need to be given the proper resources to tackle the criminal gangs operating in the Fingal region, local councillors have said.

A motion at Fingal County Council last night called for a meeting with Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan to insure that areas like Dublin 15 and the north county region have sufficient garda resources to tackle criminal gangs in the region.

The motion was tabled by Fine Gael's Cllr Kieran Dennison.

"The downturn in the economy had many repercussions, not all monetary. There was a rise in crime. However, considerable resources have been released in the last few years and there will be 1,050 new gardai this year.

"I hope the pressure on garda resources will drop off, and the resources being deployed in Fingal will reflect the population of the county", he said.


Cllr Dennison said that the implementation of water meters and subsequent protests had put pressure on garda resources, including protecting council meetings.

He also said garda resources had been stretched dealing with the gangs in the west and the north of the county.

Sinn Fein's Cllr Paul Donnelly said community policing has been "systematically dismant tled".

Cllr Dennison's motion was noted and Fingal's Chief Executive Officer, Paul Reid, said he will forward the matter to the Garda Commissioner.

Meanwhile, councillors at Dublin City Council approved the scheduling of a special meeting - to be held within weeks - to try and resurrect efforts the stalled development plan for Phibsboro, including the revamp of the shopping centre. The Local Area Plan for the northside district was halted last month amid concern over the height of a new tower at the 1960s era shopping centre.

Last night councillors approved a motion to possibly allow the adoption of the plan into a new draft.