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Gardai launch probe as vicious schoolgirl brawl shot on camera phones

The video shows the group of youngsters jeering and laughing as the pair brawl.

THESE are the shocking images of brawling schoolgirls that will chill parents everywhere.

As many as 50 young teenagers jeer and shout as the girls engage in a vicious fight over a boy.

The violent scrap was not only witnessed by the crowd of young boys and girls, it was filmed and uploaded to at least three popular websites.

The scenes and the fact that they quickly went viral on the internet were today described “as highly disturbing” by anti-bullying campaigners.

Dozens of children may now be interviewed by gardai who have launched an investigation in an effort to identify those involved.Monica Monahan of The National Anti Bullying Coalition described the scenes as "highly disturbing."

The fight, believed to be over a boy, was recorded by several bystanders on mobile phones.

The two first-year students show no mercy as they openly punch and scratch each other on the ground.

The actions of the onlookers, openly egging on the pair, also sparked concern.

Screams of "go on punch her", "get the face" and "pull her hair" can be heard in what has been described as a "highly disturbing video".


The fight took place in a park in Douglas, Co Cork, last week and quickly appeared online.

The girls involved in the fight, who are named in the video, are believed to have fought over the affections of a boy.

It's understood that a number of schools on the southside of Cork are investigating the fight.

The incident was also described as "potentially very serious" by gardai.

The National Anti-Bullying Coalition -- whose ambassador is father of bullied-to-death teenager Phoebe Prince -- said the scenes warranted an "immediate response" from the Government in the area of bullying.

Its president Monica Monahan told the Herald: "We're calling for an immediate response from all the ministers involved in education, child protection and healthcare."

Fine Gael TD and former school teacher Mary Mitchell O'Connor said: "This is very distressing footage. However the girls involved are young and have been silly in the extreme.

"What really concerns me is the onlookers' behaviour and the student who put this up on social media.

"I am appealing to parents to consider the crucial guide when it comes to parenting teenagers -- the 4 Ws. Where is your child? Who are they with? What are they doing? When will they be home?"

One of the schools whose pupils were involved, Christ King Secondary School, strongly condemned the outrage.

"We are disappointed by the apparent presence, and involvement of pupils of Christ King.

"While we cannot control the actions of our pupils outside of school hours, Christ King students represent our school at all times and are advised that the school will invoke disciplinary procedures where individuals have been found to have brought it into disrepute," a spokesperson told the Herald.

"Scenes such as those depicted are appalling and unacceptable and may damage the reputation and public perception of Christ King.

"Efforts to identify all those involved, both directly and indirectly, are on-going.

"Where possible, parents will be informed and appropriate action will be taken."