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Gardai investigate threats to Greyhound bin driver

a DRIVER for the Greyhound Group has experienced three incidents of intimidation in two days as the ongoing row centring on pay cuts escalates.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, was driving a waste disposal truck yesterday morning in Coolock when his windscreen was smashed.

"The truck stopped in the middle of the road and the other workers stopped to pick up the bins while I remained inside," he said. "I saw a man in a balaclava coming towards me taking a hammer out from the inside of his hoodie. He struck the windscreen and then the side window of the driver's side."

The employee was covered in shattered glass but he escaped injury.


"It was extremely intimidating, but at the same time I felt angry that this could happen while I was just trying to do my job," he added.

The worker's supervisor informed gardai who were at the scene within 20 minutes. A criminal investigation is now underway.

Within an hour of the incident in Coolock, the driver said he experienced more intimidation on a collection route in Dublin 9.

The driver also claimed a similar incident occurred in Clontarf when a number of picketers followed his truck yesterday.

Greyhound is involved in an ongoing dispute with SIPTU over pay cuts of up to 35pc for waste collectors. A spokesperson for SIPTU refused to comment.