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Gardai identify chief suspect in Tallaght attempted sex assault


Maplewood, where two teenage sisters were also attacked

Maplewood, where two teenage sisters were also attacked

Maplewood, where two teenage sisters were also attacked

Gardai investigating the attempted sexual assault of a young woman in a south Dublin park have identified a suspect.

The young male attacked the victim in the Bancroft Park area of Tallaght.

Sources have revealed that gardai are following a "definite line of inquiry" and are confident they know the identity of the assailant.


"A description was circulated around the Dublin Metropolitan Region South Division and gardai quickly identified an individual who they believe was behind the attack," a source said.

"Officers are hoping to question a suspect over the coming days."

The latest incident happened last Thursday just before 9am near the Westpark Fitness Gym.

The young male approached the woman before pinning her to the ground and attempting to sexually assault her.

However, the victim repeatedly hit him with her phone before managing to break free and fleeing the scene.

It is the third sexually-motivated assault in the Tallaght area in the past four weeks.

In one incident, a young girl was allegedly raped by a group of six teenagers in the Springfield area in broad daylight.

The six youths suspected of being involved in the attack are likely to face rape charges as the garda investigation nears completion.

In a separate incident only hours later, two teenage sisters claimed they were attacked by a group of young males as they walked through Maplewood, which is also in Springfield.

Sources have said there is no direct link between the three sexual assaults, which are being treated as separate incidents.