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Gardai hunt for gunman after two shot


James Curtis: Shot in case of mistaken identity

James Curtis: Shot in case of mistaken identity

James Curtis: Shot in case of mistaken identity

Gardai fear a reckless gunman may strike again in west Dublin after he shot two young innocent men.

Armed local detectives backed up by members of the gardai’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU) are patrolling housing estates in Clondalkin in a bid to find the reckless gunman.

Gardai have not yet identified the mystery man who struck twice over the weekend.

Sources say that officers believe he has some kind of “twisted grievance” and are “desperate” to catch him or intercept him before another person is shot randomly.


Neither of the young men, who were targeted almost exactly 24 hours apart in locations in Clondalkin, have any involvement in crime, and sources say that it is a mystery why they were shot.

Both shooting victims suffered non-fatal injuries in the gun attacks and are said to be recovering well.

Detectives believe the same handgun was used by the same culprit in both attacks.

The incidents have worried senior gardai and a special plan was put in place. A case conference was held about the shootings at Clondalkin Garda Station yesterday evening.

Local man James Curtis (25) was shot once in the leg in the Melrose Avenue area of Clondalkin at around 9pm on Sunday. Residents said they did not hear the shooting, but that the victim had staggered to a house a short distance away.

Witnesses have told gardai there were two men involved in the attack and that someone was heard shouting “that’s not him” as the two men fled.

The victim was treated at the house for 25 minutes by an ambulance crew before being taken to hospital.

Mr Curtis was conscious as he was taken away and it is understood his injuries are not life threatening.

Locals described James as “a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt anyone”.

They said they could see no reason why he would be targeted in this way.

On Saturday night, a man named locally as Christopher Casserly (24), from Greenfort Estate, was shot in the arm in the St Cuthbert’s Road area of Clondalkin. This was a short distance away from the scene of Sunday’s attack.

The victim, believed to be from the south inner city, was also taken to Tallaght hospital but his injuries are not life threatening.

There has been a decrease in gun crime in the Clondalkin area this year, particularly in the last number of months.

Sources say that one of the main reasons for this is the fact that an extremely dangerous local criminal has been locked up in the Midlands Prison since August.

Gardai have been providing an armed escort for the major criminal who is suspected of at least two murders while he is transported from prison to court sittings in Dublin.