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Gardai hunt duo in reckless 'no driver' car stunt


 Images of an apparent road stunt swept the internet.

Images of an apparent road stunt swept the internet.

Images of an apparent road stunt swept the internet.

ONLINE 'viral' images of two young men hanging out of the side windows of a moving vehicle have been described as "shocking".

"It's a miracle that no one was killed or seriously injured," said AA Roadwatch official Conor Faughnan, adding that he was "appalled" by the stunt.

Gardai are investigating the terrifying images of a car being driven with both the driver and front seat passenger sitting out of the windows.

The two young men were both laughing as their stunt was apparently photographed by a person travelling in another vehicle.


The driver appears to be steering the black Toyota Starlet car with only his right hand while his left hand grips the central pillar for support.

He is seated on the driver's window assembly with his body completely out of the vehicle.

His right leg appears to be extended onto the accelerator pedal, but his left leg is apparently totally removed from the brake and clutch pedals.

The front seat passenger is also sitting out of his window, with his right hand waving to their friends while his left hand grips the front pillar for support.

The incident is believed to have happened in Glanmire, Co Cork, last week and both young men are readily identifiable in the photos.

The incident was revealed in photographs posted on a social media site. Within 24 hours of being posted, the images were removed.

It is unclear whether the stunt was performed as some kind of bizarre teen challenge.

The photo was greeted with horror by both gardai and road safety campaigners.

Mr Faughnan, said he found the stunt "quite shocking", saying: "Frankly, I find it hard to believe that in this day and age anyone could engage in this kind of behaviour."

Road Safety Authority officials echoed that concern and said they considered the incident to be "very, very serious".

A formal complaint has now to be lodged with Cork gardai.

Mayfield gardai are already aware of the Glanmire incident.

The Herald understands that both young men have been identified from the photo.

The vehicle involved is being traced.

Gardai have urged anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact them to assist with their inquiries.

Gardai want to clarify if the vehicle was moving at the time or if the shots were 'staged'.

It is also unclear whether a third party, hidden from the camera, may have been using the car's controls.

The apparent stunt is the latest in a series of potentially deadly incidents involving youngsters and cars.

One 'Neknomination' challenge involved a young man standing on the roof of a small car dressed in a superhero outfit while his friends drove the vehicle around a Cork housing estate.