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Gardai forced to wait for arrest of murder suspect

A DANGEROUS murder suspect has sparked massive concerns among gardai after he was released from prison. The man in his 20s is the only suspect over the knifing of another man in a savage attack outside a house in Wexford town in January.

Jason Ryan (27) died after being stabbed by his love rival on January 25.

The suspect, who was unlawfully at large at the time of the murder, was picked up by gardai shortly after the killing and returned to Wheatfield Prison, where he was serving a lengthy sentence for assault.

Sources say gardai had planned to charge him before he completed his prison sentence -- but officers have not been given the go-ahead by the DPP.

This meant that he was free to walk out of jail on Monday after serving his sentence.


The release sparked a major garda alert in the south-east.

Of particular concern for officers is that they served official forms on another man in Wexford last week warning him that his life was in danger from the 25-year-old over a drugs debt.

"This man is now free to walk the streets -- he does not even have to sign in at a garda station.

"It is causing huge concern -- he is a psychotic individual. He is suspected of killing before and there are major fears about him.

"Gardai are very concerned and members of the public are rightly worried.

"The sooner that gardai are able to charge him in relation to Jason Ryan's murder, the better," said a source.

Murder victim Jason Ryan, who was first imprisoned as a teenager, had led a life of crime since he left school at 13.

Mr Ryan, who had over 60 previous convictions, mostly for larceny, theft and criminal damage, was on bail at the time of his murder.


He was due to appear before the local district court in February charged with stealing cash from a pub.

Mr Ryan, who was from the Ferndale Park area of Wexford served a number of short prison sentences for offences linked to his severe drugs and alcohol problem.

In June 2009, he was jailed for 10 months for breaking into a priest's house and other offences related to a local crime wave.