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Gardai foil yet another attempt on gang target Michael Frazer's life


Michael Fraser, inset, the scene of another attempt on his life

Michael Fraser, inset, the scene of another attempt on his life

Michael Fraser, inset, the scene of another attempt on his life

Gardai have foiled yet another attempt to murder Ireland's number one gang target Michael Frazer after two heavily disguised criminals were intercepted by gardai.

Unarmed officers stopped the Fiat Punto that the two underworld thugs were travelling in at Meath Street in Dublin's south inner city after they noticed the vehicle being driven in suspicious circumstances on nearby Marrowbone Lane late on Saturday night.


Car dealer Frazer survived at least four attempts on his life last year, and sources say that the Freddie Thompson gang are determined to kill him.

The pair who were stopped and searched at the weekend are senior members of the Thompson gang.

They are also classified as being among the capital's most serious criminals.

Both men were wearing wigs. One of them was wearing glasses as a disguise while his associate had what was described as a "monkey hat".

A search of the vehicle, which was not stolen, also uncovered a number of pairs of gloves but no firearm was found. The notorious duo were not arrested but their car was seized.

Sources said gardai believe the men were "on the lookout" for Frazer and may have been working with thugs linked to heroin trafficker Greg Lynch as part of an elaborate plot to shoot the Drimnagh man dead on Saturday.

Detectives are investigating whether a third man was on standby at a different location in the event that Frazer was seen by the disguised thugs.

Both suspects are aged in their 30s and one is facing trial in the coming weeks in relation to serious charges while the other is the chief suspect for the botched murder attempt on Martin 'The Viper' Foley at a Kimmage gym in January 2008.

Sources have paid tribute to the "excellent police work" of the uniformed officers who stopped the inner city hoods.

Earlier this month, two heroin addicts from the Ballyfermot area were arrested and questioned about a failed murder attempt on Frazer at Islandbridge last November 1.

The junkie duo were released without charge even though their DNA was found on airbags in the stolen car that rammed into Frazer's BMW.

Frazer has been a major target for the Thompson gang for almost a year after a bitter disagreement broke out over women and other issues.

Apart from the Islandbridge incident, Frazer survived three other attempted murders.

The first happened in Clondalkin last March when he was shot three times.

Another came last summer when the Organised Crime Unit (OCU) intercepted an assassination team in the South Circular Road area.


The two thugs stopped by Kevin Street gardai at the weekend are the same men who were intercepted by the OCU last year.

Another attempt happened last August when Frazer was lured to a meeting in the car park of a pub in Firhouse, when a masked gunman walked up to his car and then tried to open fire.

But the weapon jammed and Frazer rached to nearby Tallaght Garda Station.

Enforcer Paul Rice was arrested but later released without charge in relation to that incident.