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Gardai fire on notorious sex beasts

Two of Ireland's most notorious sex offenders were arrested after detectives were forced to opened fire on their car after it repeatedly rammed two unmarked garda cars during a high speed chase.

The Herald can today reveal that the criminals in custody today are convicted 24-year-old gang rapist Dean Barry and sick 25-year-old sex offender Ian Bissett.

The drama unfolded yesterday evening on the outskirts of Limerick city after an unmarked patrol car noticed the criminals driving in the Dooradoyle area.

After failing to stop for officers when signalled to do so shortly before 5pm, the 1999 registered silver Peugeot 406 sped off along Dooradoyle road before being forced to stop at a cul-de-sac.

With two unmarked garda cars blocking their escape route, the two men attempted to ram their way past the garda officers before two armed officers were forced to open fire.

It is understood that three to four shots were fired at their tyres before the sex offenders were apprehended.

Sources say Barry has been causing “mayhem” since he was released from prison last year.

It is understood that Barry became friendly with Bissett from Teffia Park, Longford, while both men served jail sentences at the Midlands Prison.

Bissett was jailed for five years in 2006 for a sex attack on a Polish man whom he also threatened to kill.

Bissett held a knife to his victim's throat as he marched him to a field and stripped him, saying: “If you shout or try to escape I'll kill you.”

He was then forced to commit a sex act on Bissett but when his attacker put down the knife he twisted Bissett's genitals and ran off.

Bissett was given five years for the sex assault and six years concurrent for the threat to kill.

On January 23, 2004, Barry was involved in one of the most notorious gang rapes in our history in Cratloe Woods on the outskirts of Limerick city. Barry was just 14 when he and three other teens and a 24-year-old man each took a turn raping a woman and assaulting the man with golf clubs.

They ordered the man into the boot of the couple's car. From the boot, the man heard the gang shout “my turn next” and “we're riding your bird” as the woman was raped.

After yesterday's terrifying incident, one officer was treated in hospital, but his injuries are not serious.

This morning Bissett was released from garda custody while Barry was still being quizzed by detectives.

Bissett is expected to be charged with with failing to stop and with ramming two unmarked garda cars.