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Gardai fear missing Barry Corcoran may have been murdered by gang over €500 drugs debt


Barry Corcoran

Barry Corcoran

William Corcoran whose brother Barry is missing

William Corcoran whose brother Barry is missing

Barry Corcoran is missing

Barry Corcoran is missing


Barry Corcoran

Gardai are investigating whether a 38-year-old man who has been missing for more than ten weeks has been murdered over a drugs debt of just €500.

No sighting of dad-of-one Barry Corcoran has happened since he was seen on Cremona Road, Ballyfermot, on the night of Monday, July 6.

Detectives have been probing whether Mr Corcoran, from Wicklow town, was murdered by a west Dublin crime gang over a drugs debt.

"Gardai are looking at whether this man was killed over what was a relatively small debt, possibly just €500.

"It is also being investigated whether he was killed in the Ballyfermot area and his body dumped elsewhere, perhaps in the Dublin Mountains," a source said.

Last month, it emerged that gardai investigating the suspected murder received sinister letters alleging he was shot dead and buried in a shallow grave.

Gardai made an official appeal for information on August 26 and revealed that Mr Corcoran went to the post office in Wicklow town on the Monday morning of July 6, before getting the bus to Dublin.

Mr Corcoran spent some time in the north inner city, before boarding the Luas Red Line to the Kylemore Stop on the Naas Road, arriving there at 2pm. A friend met him and he bought some goods in a local shop at 2.30pm and again at 6.45pm.


He was meeting friends on Cremona Road in Ballyfermot and was last seen by them that night. It is not known what happened afterwards. Gardaí said Mr Corcoran would not have known the area.

The missing man is unemployed and is dependent on social welfare. He has not accessed his cash since and has no credit card.

"We are very concerned for Barry. This is out of character for him. He hasn't made any contact with his family. He hasn't collected his social welfare. He hasn't accessed any funds, so at this time, we would be concerned," Supt Brendan Connolly of Ballyfermot Garda Station said

"Gardai have carried out extensive investigations since Mr Corcoran was reported missing, Supt Connolly said.

"As a result of these investigations we have significant concerns regarding his welfare and safety and I would urge anybody with information to contact us here in Ballyfermot Garda Station," he added.

In an interview with the Herald in July, Mr Corcoran's brother, William, said that he told friends and family members that he would be home the following day.

However, they raised the alarm when he didn't show.

"I just feel it in my waters that something is wrong," said William, who shares a house with Barry in the Ocean View Estate in Wicklow town.

The worried brother added that Barry had left his phone and passport at home.

"He doesn't have any bank accounts we can check either; there's no credit cards or anything. He dealt in cash and lived day-to-day on his dole.

"He needs the dole to live and he didn't collect it on Monday. So that's when I thought something was definitely up. That's when the worry set in," he said.