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Gardai dismiss new claims on missing Annie

NEW claims about the disappearance of missing American Annie McCarrick have been dismissed by senior gardai.

The 26-year-old went missing on March 26, 1993, after she took a bus to Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.

Despite an intensive Garda inquiry, no trace of her has ever been found. She was one of the missing women investigated by the Garda's Operation Trace.

The claims, in a new magazine, Dublin's Best, contradicted the theory that she was identified by two doormen in Johnnie Fox's Pub in Glencullen later that night.

The magazine is edited by former solicitor, David Elio Malocco, who was sentenced to five years in jail for defrauding the Irish Press Group in the 1990s, but who is now a writer and film director.

Mr Malocco, who will shortly publish a new book, Serial Sex Killers – The Psychology Of Sexual Predators – said he was contacted by a person who put him in touch with the interviewee.

The sexual predator interviewed by Mr Malocco claims he spoke to the man who allegedly abducted, raped and murdered Annie McCarrick two years after she disappeared.

A Garda spokesman said: "We won't be commenting on an article we haven't seen."

Separately, sources have dismissed the claims made by the "sexual predator" in the article. "We don't give huge credence to it," a source said.