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Gardai close in on serial cash-van robbers

Gardai have identified a well-organised gang who have been involved in at least four cash-in-transit robberies this year.

The Finglas mob -- who are connected to jailed gangland figure Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley and murdered hitman Daniel Gaynor -- are based in the Glenties and Berryfield areas of the north Dublin suburb.

Sources say that the gang is responsible for stealing over €100,000 in the heists that it has been involved in and is a major target of Operation Delivery -- the specialist investigation set up to target cash-in-transit robberies.

But so far the men have managed to escape being arrested.

A source explained: "These fellas are a very serious crew -- they have been at it now for months. In ways, it is amazing that they have managed to get away with what they have been at.

"There are two or three organisers and then they use an assorted bunch of more minor criminals on the periphery of their 'jobs.'


"This crew are involved in a number of other criminal scams apart from the bigger robberies."

The latest armed robbery that the gang is linked to happened on Dublin's southside last week and the gang became suspects after a getaway car was found in the Dunsink area of Finglas.

The gang were involved in a botched robbery on April 17 in which gardai recovered a cash box containing €50,000 at Virginia Drive in Finglas. The incident unfolded at around 4pm that day when a cash-in-transit robbery occurred outside the Superquinn supermarket at McKee Avenue.

Sources say a security worker was walking to an ATM when an unarmed man in a balaclava approached the employee and simply grabbed the cash box from him before fleeing on foot.

It is understood that the raider then jumped into a getaway car that was waiting nearby but quickly got out of that vehicle.

Gardai had been alerted to the situation at this stage and a suspect was observed jumping through a number of gardens in the Virginia Drive estate. Officers located the cash box nearby.

The same gang are the chief suspects for a cash-in-transit robbery of €11,000 in cash and €35,000 in cheques in Finglas which occurred in early January.

The incident happened in broad daylight at Seamus Ennis Road when a security man was threatened by a masked man armed with a firearm.

A security van was parked at a credit union in the area when a VW Passat pulled up and a suspect jumped out of the car and threatened a security employee who was carrying a cash box.

The suspect took the cash box, jumped back into the car which then fled the scene at speed.

The gang is not linked to a separate crew from the Blanchardstown area who were picked up by gardai last week after an armed robbery in Tyrrelstown after a high-speed chase.