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Gardai believe Kinahan's gang hired hitman to kill Don in drugs row

DRUGS kingpin Christy Kinahan remains the top suspect for the murder of The Don nearly one year ago.

As the first anniversary of Eamon Dunne's murder approaches, gardai now believe that Kinahan's gang contracted a north inner city crew to kill the gang boss.

Detectives are set to arrest a number of suspects as they build a case against a hitman from the Cabra area.

A ruthless group of young inner city gangsters are believed to have carried out the professional hit after receiving logistical support and advice from two of Kinahan's own cronies.

Dunne (34) was shot dead on April 23, 2010, as he sat drinking in The Faussagh House pub in Cabra, north Dublin, at a pal's birthday party.

He was shot six times in the head and body, in view of his daughter, and died instantly.


The Herald first revealed last May that the murder investigation was linked to Kinahan, a fortnight before his massive drug empire was crushed in a police operation that spanned three continents.

The mobster is out on bail in Spain as authorities build a drug and money laundering case. He is believed to be Ireland's biggest ever crime boss.

In Dublin, dectectives have pieced together the background to The Don's murder.

It is believed that in the weeks before his death Dunne was contacted by an associate of Kinahan's. This individual advised Dunne to raise the price he was charging for cocaine, because he was undercutting the rest of the dealers in Dublin, most of whom Kinahan was supplying.

Dunne, who reportedly had become increasingly erratic because of his own cocaine use, apparently refused to do so.

According to security sources, Kinahan then told associates that Dunne was also a serious liability due to the number of murders he had ordered.

A source said: "When Kinahan spoke, you listened, that's was the rule if you were dealing in Dublin. But Dunne was too pig-headed and insisted that no one was going to tell him what to charge for his product.

"He also had connections to 12 or more murders, which was drawing a huge amount of garda attention on him and his associates. The decision was made that he would have to be removed."

Six people have been arrested so far in the year-long investigation into the murder.

A garda spokesperson told the Herald that the murder inquiry was still live and anyone with fresh information is asked to contact them.

"There has been a significant number of arrests during this course of this investigation and other investigations arising from the murder of Eamon Dunne which is ongoing," he said.


Gardai continue to appeal to the public for information. Anyone with information is asked to contact Mountjoy Garda Station on (01) 666 8600 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111."

More arrests are expected as the investigation continues.

Dunne was sitting next to his 17-year-old daughter in the Cabra pub on April 23 when two gunmen entered and fired up to a dozen shots.

One of the men walked up to Dunne and shot him a number of times in the back of the head and fired more shots after Dunne had hit the ground.

The second gunman, who was armed with a revolver, stood just inside the pub door with his gun at the ready to shoot anybody who tried to lunge at the gunman.

Two other men waited outside the pub in a Volkswagen Passatt which was used as a getaway car by the four-man murder team.

The car was abandoned not far from the scene but an attempt to burn it failed.

One of the suspected hitmen in the case was arrested last year. His house was riddled with bullets shortly after his release from garda custody.

The man, who does not have any serious convictions, is understood to have been involved in a bloody fight with The Don in the weeks before his death.

He is an associate of Craig White (24), who is serving a life sentence for the murder of gangster Noel Roche (27) in 2005.

The murder weapon has yet to be recovered.

The Don had a long list of enemies and his gang was linked to up to a dozen murders in Dublin.

He was suspected of ordering the murder of gang boss Marlo Hyland in 2006.

Innocent plumber Anthony Campbell was gunned down at the same time as Hyland so no witnesses would be left behind.