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Gardai arrest man suspected of sexually assaulting two women he met on dating website


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

A MAN is suspected of sexually assaulting at least two women after arranging to meet them on a dating website.

It's understood that the man posted a fake profile of himself that showed him to be around 20 years younger than he is.

The latest incident involving the middle-aged suspected sex offender happened at an apartment in Sligo town on the morning of Sunday, April 26.

Gardai rushed to the property and the man, who is aged in his 50s, was arrested and questioned about false imprisonment and sexual assault.

Follow-up investigations by officers established that the man was wanted for questioning by gardai in Dublin over a similar offence.

Sources say that once local officers had finished questioning him about the Sligo incident, gardai from Dublin were waiting and he was questioned about the similar offence which is believed to have happened earlier this year.

Ultimately he was released without charge and a file will now be prepared for the DPP.

It is understood that the man's activities will now be monitored by the gardai's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Investigation Unit with the intention that no other women are targeted.

In the Sligo case, the woman had travelled from Co Tyrone to Sligo to meet up with the man whom she got to know briefly over a social networking site.

They went to an apartment and while there, the woman alleged that she was held against her will and sexually assaulted.

Gardai were alerted to the disturbing situation after the woman made a phone call from the apartment to a friend who contacted gardai.

Officers arrived at the apartment at around 8am and the suspect was arrested while gardai comforted the extremely distressed woman.

"Gardai did not need to break into the apartment or anything, the suspect was co-operative.

"This man was much older than the lady in question had expected to meet from the internet profile that was provided.

"The woman had wanted this man to stop the approaches that he was making and the allegation is that he did not and he then held her in the apartment against her will," a source said.