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Gardai arrest armed man after struggle


A 47-year-old man who assaulted unarmed gardai after they responded to reports that he had fired shots in the air in west Dublin had "lost the plot" because of threats to his life, it is believed.

The suspect, who does not have a serious criminal record, was involved in a bizarre incident in Ballyfermot on Thursday night.


The local man was still being questioned in Ballyfermot Garda Station last night.

It has emerged that his behaviour has become increasingly erratic after he survived an apparent assassination attempt in Kylemore Avenue, Ballyfermot, last August.

A shot was fired at him by a gunman travelling in a black Ford car which then sped off.

Then, in late December, the arrested man received a sinister death threat in which he was warned he would get a "bullet in the head."

It is believed that these threats have made the man unstable, and this is what led to the violent events that happened at around 11pm on Thursday.

"He has certainly been feeling the pressure in recent times, but this was completely over the top," said a source.

Gardai received an emergency call that a man was firing shots in the Kylemore Park, and when two community gardai responded to this, the suspect attacked them.

However, the officers managed to subdue him at Ballyfermot Parade and recovered a modified shotgun, ammunition and a knife.

Latex gloves linked to the man were also recovered, and investigations have established that the shotgun he was firing had been stolen in a burglary.

It is understood that the man fired one shot in the air in the Kylemore Park area and then reloaded his weapon and fired another before the gardai arrived at the scene.

The officers who were assaulted did not require hospital treatment.

Sources said gardai do not consider the 47-year-old was "targeting anyone in particular" and may have been testing the weapon.

A Garda spokesman said: "Two uniformed garda officers from the Ballyfermot Community Police Unit responded to a report of gunshots being heard coming from the Kylemore Park area.


"The members approached and disarmed the man at Ballyfermot Parade following a violent struggle.

"The man was arrested and is currently detained at Ballyfermot garda.

"Ammunition and a knife were also seized during the incident. Investigations are continuing."