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Gardai are evacuated over pram pipe bomb

GARDAI have increased security in a Cork suburb after a pipe bomb attack forced the evacuation of a garda station.

Togher station had to be evacuated after a householder mistakenly targeted with the device unwittingly pushed it 200 metres to the station in a pram.

Detectives believe the pipe bomb was placed in the rear garden of a house as part of a major escalation in a feud between two local groups.

Three days ago, a nearby home was the target of a fire bomb attack.

However, the viable pipe bomb was placed in the garden of the wrong house, as gardai believe those responsible confused two local addresses.

A local man spotted the device in the garden, became suspicious and decided to take it to the garden station using an old pram as it was too heavy to carry.

The man unwittingly wheeled the device to the station, totally unaware of the dangers posed.

Gardai are satisfied that the man was not the intended target of the attack. Part of the garda station was immediately evacuated when the officer on duty realised what the device was.

The Defences Forces were alerted and an Explosives and Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team raced to the station to deal with it.

The pipe bomb was rendered safe by the EOD team.

Forensics experts are now examining the device parts. Gardai fear it is linked to the escalation of a long-running feud in the area.


"We could easily have been dealing with a fatality or a serious injury if this device had been triggered," a garda source said.

Over recent years the Togher feud has resulted in several fire bomb attacks, two stabbings, a vicious beating and a campaign of public intimidation.

No one was injured in the two incidents over the past three days.

However, a local woman, who was alone when a petrol bomb was thrown at her door last Friday, remains deeply upset.