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Gardai and Revenue in rickshaw crackdown

RICKSHAW operators in Dublin City Centre are being clamped down on after gardai, revenue officials and Dublin city council were involved in an operation on Grafton Street last night.

A total of 75 operators of the pedal-powered vehicles were stopped and checked by gardai.

Currently, very little is known about who operates and drives Dublin rickshaws and there is concern about how they could be identified in the case of an accident.

There is also concern about whether operators pay tax on their earnings from providing short, cross-city journeys for cash.

Local Sinn Fein councillor Chris Andrews said he witnessed gardai and revenue officials stopping and gathering rickshaw operators on Grafton Street at 1am last night.


"It was brought up with the Transport Committee in Dublin City Council that they would regulate the rickshaws in someway," he said.

"There was a significant amount of gardai involved last night," he added.

Gardai were checking rickshaws at both ends of street.

Mr Andrews said that it was about time the vehicles were regulated and that he was surprised there has not been more accidents involving the rickshaws.

"There is no order with them at all so it is a good thing that something appears to be happening with them," he said. "They are obviously generating an income and that is why the revenue were involved."