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Garda wins €19k over attack when pregnant

A garda whose nose was broken as she helped to arrest troublemakers discovered she was pregnant when taken to hospital for treatment.

Garda Elizabeth Twomey Harte told a court how she and a colleague, Garda Ronan Coleman, had been assaulted while making an arrest in March 2006 at Castleisland, Co Kerry, where they are stationed.

She told her barrister Katie O'Connell that before receiving treatment, she had asked for a pregnancy test which had proved positive. As a result she had been unable to receive painkillers.

Garda Harte (35) said her nose later had to be broken again when it was being manipulated back into position.

Ms Justice Mary Irvine, in awarding Garda Harte €19,000 compensation, said she had been punched and kicked and had been anxious for the outcome of her pregnancy, which thankfully had progressed to full term.

Garda Coleman (31), who had been involved in the same incident, said he and Garda Harte had arrested two of a group of youths who had been shouting and generally misbehaving on the street. He still suffered pain and discomfort.

Judge Irvine awarded Garda Coleman €14,500 compensation against the State.