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Garda shooting suspects caught fleeing on CCTV

A GARDA shot while on holiday in New Orleans with his father is in "good spirits" as police hunt for two men they believe lured him to a location where he was shot twice and robbed.

Brian Hanrahan (31) will be kept in the city's University Hospital for the next 10 days but is expected to make a full recovery.

Last night, he was looking forward to the arrival of his wife Emma and mother Rose.


Detectives looking for the two suspects believe that the young garda, who is stationed at Newcastle West in Co Limerick, was lured to the location by a man he had befriended earlier and then shot by his accomplice.

The Irish community in the Louisiana city has been rallying around the family and fundraising efforts are continuing to help Gda Hanrahan's family with their expenses.

Adrian D'Arcy, the president of the Irish Network in New Orleans, met with Gda Hanrahan and his father, Brian Snr, on Wednesday night.

"He's in good spirits. He's a lucky man. He's recovering well. He's in a bit of pain but overall in good spirits," he said.

"He's a very lucky man that the shooter didn't have better aim. He got hit in the leg and had some damage in his stomach but none of it, apparently, is life threatening. When I saw him he was up talking."

Mr D'Arcy said the Hanrahan family was grateful for the help they were receiving.

"They're overwhelmed with gratitude and they're going to see more of that support over the coming week," he said.

"They're very thankful and I'm sure when you're in a strange city it's just nice to have people there to support you."

Detectives in New Orleans are looking for two black males in relation to the shooting.

They said the father and son had been drinking together in the city's French Quarter until about 4am when Brian Snr decided to call it a night and returned to his hotel.

Gda Hanrahan told police he met a black man in Bourbon Street who offered to take him somewhere they could get a late drink. The father-of-one stopped first at an ATM and withdrew $200 (€177).


He told police he was approached by another man in New Orleans Street who demanded money.

When he refused, the man produced a pistol and shot him twice. Both men then went through his pockets and took the cash before running off.

Mr D'Arcy said Irish people should not be put off travelling to New Orleans, where he has made his home.

"It has its bad parts and unfortunately Brian ended up in one of those," he said.

"But overall New Orleans is a great city with great culture, great people and I'd highly recommend anyone to come here."