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Garda sacked for leaking secrets to Don's crime gang

A GARDA suspected of leaking information to members of The Don's gang has been sacked.

The officer allegedly gave Eamon Dunne's lieutenants access to sensitive garda computer files.

The officer, in his 20s, reportedly gave two members of the Don's west Dublin gang access to the Garda PULSE system.

He may now face criminal charges for his alleged involvement.

Senior gardai took the decision to dismiss the garda after an internal review ruled that he could no longer work as a member of the force.

The Herald reported in January that the officer was questioned after reports that he let two associates of the Don into a North Dublin garda station.

A garda spokesperson told the Herald that "we do not comment on internal matters" and would not discuss the case or the investigation.

The incident is an embarrassment for the force as The Don's gang is one of the major outfits being investigated under recently introduced anti-gang leglislation.

The officer allegedly allowed the gang members to view PULSE, the central computer system used by the force where all reported crime and most intelligence files are held.

The men are believed to have been given access to the station in the middle of the night to check the confidential information gardai had on their criminal activity on the complex central computer.

The incident is understood to have taken place around 12 months ago. Eamon Dunne has since been murdered, but his gang remains in place.

The young garda, who has always strongly denied the allegations, was based at a station in North Dublin and was aware of the fact that he was under suspicion before he was questioned. He is single and has fewer than 10 years' service.

It is understood that detectives from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigations told the garda's superintendent the officer was not to be involved in any investigations involving gangland killings.

Three further gardai suspected of leaking information have also been investigated in the past nine months.

Two of the officers have been placed on restrictive duty pending further inquiries, while the other has been suspended while a file has been sent to the DPP.


The investigation is separate to the north Dublin officer's alleged leaking.

More than a dozen young gardai are facing internal disciplinary inquiries after they were reportedly downloading files from the PULSE system using their own log-in details.

These officers are not suspected of wilful wrongdoing, but are being treated as being negligent in allowing themselves to be tricked into taking the information off the system by other officers allegedly in payment of the gang.