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Garda probe after youths go on car-smashing city rampage


The vandals attacking cars on Monday

The vandals attacking cars on Monday

The vandals attacking cars on Monday

An investigation is under way into a large gang of youths who smashed up a number of cars in Dublin city centre on Monday night.

Up to 30 youths, some armed with metal bars, attacked a row of parked cars on the street.

Video footage obtained by the Herald shows the wing mirror of one car flying into the air after one of the youths struck it with an object.

The shocking incident happened at around 9pm on Railway Street, in Dublin's north inner city.

Council staff were cleaning up broken glass in the area yesterday morning and gardai said they are now investigating three incidents of criminal damage. No arrests have been made.


"We're investigating three separate incidents of criminal damage to cars on Railway Street," said a Garda spokesperson.

"They were reported at around 9pm on October 2 and we don't know who was involved as of yet. No arrests have been made."

One person working nearby described what happened.

"Around 9pm two big groups of teenagers started throwing metal objects and glass and they started to become very aggressive, shouting and screaming," he said.

"They then started destroying cars in the street."

An eyewitness said he also saw two gangs around the same area on Sunday night.

He said the youths were armed with bars and some even had knuckle dusters.

"They were around the Talbot Street area and one fella shouted at his friend to pass him his knuckle duster. They scattered towards the Abbey Street area when gardai arrived," he added.

Local councillor Nial Ring said vandalism was happening on a "regular basis" and he was liaising with gardai.

"It's a nightmare," he said. "We tend to see this kind of behaviour coming up to Halloween and we are hoping more gardai will be deployed.

"The increased patrol in that area over the past few months has had a significant impact. The problem is the people doing this vandalism are getting more brazen and getting younger."