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Garda overtime bill up to €20m in bid to stop Kinahan-Hutch feud


Garda Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll

Garda Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll

Garda Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll

The overtime bill for the two main Garda divisions in Dublin city last year soared by 50pc to €20m as Gardai grappled to deal with the murderous fall-out from the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

Gardai figures show that the combined overtime bill for the Dublin North Central and South Central Metropolitan divisions last year increased by €6.65m to €20m.

This compares to an overtime spend of €13.35m for the two divisions in 2015 - a jump of 50pc.

The largest spend was in the Dublin North Central Metropolitan area, where a large proportion of garda activity in trying to control the feud took place.

The overtime bill for that area totalled €10m - almost double the €5.24m spent on overtime in that division in 2015.

The overtime bill for the South Central Dublin Metropolitan division last year totalled €9.8m, up from €8.15m in 2015.

In total, the overtime bill for the seven Dublin divisions totalled €42.3m - or 47pc of the €90m spent nationally on garda overtime last year.

During last year, the garda overtime bill steadily increased, going from €16.5m in the first quarter to €21.87m between April and June.


The overtime bill for the third quarter was €25.6m, while the bill for the final quarter amounted to €26m.

The overtime bill in 2016 represented a 61pc increase on the €55.76m national overtime bill for 2015.

The overtime bill nationally in 2012 was a much lower €41.4m, with the bill for the Dublin North Central Division only a fraction of what it was last year at €2.69m, and the bill for Dublin South Central division also way down on 2016 at €3.92m. Various national units, including the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) and the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, have also played an important role in the offensive against the Kinahan and Hutch gangs.

The overtime bill for national units and Garda HQ last year totalled €21.1m.

This is almost a doubling of the €10.4m paid out in overtime for the national units in 2015. The national units also include the Air Support Unit, the Dog Support Unit, the Mounted Support Unit and the Garda Water Unit.

In June of this year, Garda Assistant Commissioner John O'Driscoll said that the force's special crime units have prevented numerous murder attempts in the ongoing Hutch-Kinahan feud.


Mr O'Driscoll, who heads up the special crime operations, said that efforts to tackle organised crime had been "relentless".

The overtime bill last year for Dublin North was €7.7m, it was €7.3m for Dublin West, and €4.63m for Dublin South.

A total of €88.5 million was set aside in the Budget for garda overtime this year, but it has been reported that a significant amount of that has been used in the first half of the year and that extra funds will be required.