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Garda killers stole handbag as they fled murder scene

THE callous killers of Garda Adrian Donohoe stole a handbag from a credit union worker after they murdered the detective.

Officers investigating the garda's death have been shocked by the evidence they have gathered to date.

Although the raiders missed between €30,000 and €40,000, they did snatch a handbag.

The petty theft in the aftermath of a cold-blooded killing shows the reckless nature of the five-man gang.

Gardai are building up a dossier on the men who shot father-of-two Det Gda Donohoe near Dundalk.


The prime suspects for the murder is a gang of young criminals operating on both sides of the north Louth-south Armagh border. At least one of them is before the courts in the coming weeks on unrelated charges.

The chief suspect for pulling the trigger is still socialising in Northern Ireland and operating a Facebook page.

Gardai say the raiders are part of a group of more than 15 criminals who have been involved in a spate of robberies, burglaries, car and fuel thefts and traffic offences.