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Garda in 'leaks to Don' may face court

A garda dismissed for allegedly leaking information to The Don's gang may face criminal charges after a detailed analysis of his phone records.

A file is currently being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) on the case.

The Herald revealed how the officer was dismissed on foot of his alleged contact with criminals linked to Eamonn Dunne, the gangster known as The Don who was murdered in April.

The officer was subject to a surveillance operation by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) who were monitoring his phone, the Herald understands.


The investigation reportedly reveals how the garda tried to keep The Don one step ahead of the authorities while he ran his drug operation in Finglas.

It is alleged that confidential garda information was leaked to a member of Dunne's gang and contacts were made on a phone between the officer and an associate of The Don. The garda was arrested and questioned last year.

"The officer involved couldn't believe the sheer size of the evidence and information detectives from the NBCI had amassed against him," a source told the Herald. "The evidence against him is compelling and ultimately damning."

The uniformed garda was arrested in October last year and a shotgun, which was taken from an evidence room in a garda station, was discovered during a search of his home.

The corruption investigation escalated as the officer under suspicion tried to drag innocent colleagues into the mess.

Officers have been looking closely as the part the garda's girlfriend played in the operation. They believe she could have been involved in a number of dealings with criminals.

She is also suspected of being involved in a scam linked to the security industry.

Her partner is strenuously denying any wrongdoing.

However, he is suspected of accessing the Garda PULSE system, which holds information on criminals and ongoing investigations, on behalf of his girlfriend.

The Herald recently revealed that two other gardai have also been dismissed from the force in recent weeks for stealing from an elderly lady, attempted fraud of a financial institution and housing three adults and a baby in a garden shed.