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Garda fire heroes injured in rescue

Three heroic gardai required hospital treatment after saving a woman in a dramatic fire rescue.

The gardai, from Tallaght Garda Station, responded to a call yesterday afternoon after receiving information that a woman was trapped in her house.

A source said: "When the members got to the property, a large blaze had taken hold. The house was filled with smoke.

"The three officers entered the property to find the woman, but could not locate her on the ground floor.

"They then risked their lives and went upstairs where they located the woman and brought her outside."

The woman was transferred to Tallaght Hospital, where she is still being treated.


The three gardai also required hospital treatment but were discharged last night after being treated for smoke inhalation.

The alarm was raised at around 3pm yesterday when a small fire broke out yesterday at a house in Garrynisk Close, near the Kingswood estate.

Fire services were also called to the scene and neighbours reported seeing fire crews in breathing apparatus going into the house.

Today they were unsure of what had started the fire, or who was injured, but said the house is owned by Gretta Cummins. There was little damage to the semi-detached house.

An upstairs window remained open at the house today, and a bedroom light remained switched on, but the fire did not take hold of the property.