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Garda chase driver freed

A DUBLIN man who led gardai on a dangerous high-speed chase in a stolen car has been given community service instead of a prison term.

Gary Whitely (24) was driving the stolen Honda Civic in convoy with other cars around Drumcairn Drive, Tallaght, when he spotted a garda vehicle and sped off.

He pulled a handbrake turn at a nearby roundabout and led several garda cars on a 15- minute high-speed chase around the Brookfield Road, Fortunestown and Cookstown Road areas.

Whitely, a painter and decorator, of Bawnlea Green, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the offences on December 20, 2008. He was ordered to complete 240 hours community work in lieu of a two-year sentence.

Paisley slams clerical abuse

Former Northern Ireland first Minister Ian Paisley has criticised the Catholic Church's response to the child sex abuse scandal.

Dr Paisley, who stepped down in 2008, said the Church failed to "take a strong stand".

"I believe that any man that destroys a child's life, as we have seen scores of young people in this day and generation -- and then the Church having to wait until it is uncovered -- is an absolute disgrace."