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Garda blade horror


The bloodsoaked bathroom

The bloodsoaked bathroom

The bloodsoaked bathroom

THIS was the bloody scene after a garda was slashed in the face with a razor blade.

The 32-year-old officer needed 25 stitches after a Dublin house party descended into chaos.

The brave officer was sliced in the upper and lower lip and punched in the head while his colleague received a number of bite injuries to his arm.

Armed garda units responded when the two male officers, who had been called to deal with an out-of-control 21st birthday party, were set upon.

Four men and two women – ranging in age from their 20s up to their 50s – were arrested and brought to Tallaght and Rathfarnham Garda stations.

Local residents said there was a lot of noise at the party.

"I think it was a 21st they were celebrating, but there was enough people there to fill a pub," said one man.

"Then a squad car arrived and there was people jeering and booing them and the next thing I saw was garda vans and all sorts arriving. It really got out of hand and had to be broken up," he added.

"I didn't see any ambulance, but there was plenty of garda vehicles," said the man.

Officers said the young garda was "extremely shook-up" by the incident.

He was taken to Tallaght Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Gardai say the two officers were attacked and were forced to deploy pepper spray to defend themselves.



This did not stop a crazed part of the crowd who sources say were "extremely intoxicated".

The 32-year-old officer was sliced with a razor blade and his colleague was bitten as the mob threatened to go completely out-of-control, sources said.

The officers managed to radio for back-up and up to four patrol cars from all over the city arrived at the house, including two armed units.

The dangerous melee continued when the other units arrived and at least two other gardai were assaulted by the mob. These officers did not require hospital treatment.

The two injured officers were released from hospital yesterday with sources saying that the slashed man may require plastic surgery at a later date.

A source said: "This was a very disturbing and dangerous situation."

The family who live in the home say that they called the gardai. The owner of the house, who said his two sons were involved in a fight in the house, today alleged that gardai were over zealous in dealing with complaints about noise at the party, an allegation strongly denied by senior officers.

Gearoid O Conaran told the Herald they had been celebrating their son Naoise's 21st earlier in the night at Thomas Davis football club. "About 30 of us came back to the house here and the party continued on, but I went to bed after a while," he said. "There was a fight on the landing between Naoise and another son of mine, Fionn, and we ended up in the bathroom trying to control Naoise. I heard a commotion and there was gardai everywhere. Then I got a baton across the back of the knees and hit in the face."

The savage incident happened shortly after another garda was brutally assaulted over the weekend.

The officer based at Crumlin Garda Station was responding to an incident at the Carlisle gym in Kimmage, south Dublin, just after 6pm on Saturday.

Gardai had received a report of an intoxicated man at the gym and when they arrived he swung a metal bar at gardai.

When he was being placed in the patrol car for his own safety, he proceeded to kick the young garda in the face.

The officer, in his late 20's suffered a serious injury to his right eye and required immediate hospital attention.