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Garda beauty set to be arresting sight in tiara for NY parade

A MODEL garda will be beaming with pride when she marches in the New York St Patrick's Day parade.

Pageant beauty Ciara Quinn (26) will join her garda colleagues in representing the force as they march in the annual event.

A tiara and a sparkling gold dress isn't part of her everyday attire, as Ciara spends most of her days patrolling the streets of Dublin and working at Store Street Garda Station.

But this weekend, that's exactly what the catwalk queen will be wearing as she parades alongside her colleagues, who will be in uniform.

"I've just taken annual leave to go over, just like anyone else would. And a lot of my colleagues will be over there with me marching in the parade in uniform. It's great because I will know a lot of them while I'm over there. It will be great to see everyone be a part of it.

"And I'll have to go the whole nine yards, I'll be wearing a tiara and I've got a stunning gold dress to wear as well. I will walk the entire parade and then I'll be reporting over there live for Face Of Ireland TV, and the parade organiser has invited me to the official ball that night, so it's going to be mad," she explained.

But once Ciara is finished with her modelling duties, the Face Of Ireland winner will be focusing on a completely different task -- finding her dream wedding dress.

Ciara says she will be dragging her garda fiance Mark Murphy around the big apple looking for the perfect designer dress.

"We haven't even set a date yet, but loads of people have been telling me you can get great bargains on designer dresses in New York so I will definitely be dragging him around to have a look," she admitted.