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Garda appeal to find family home raid gang

A terrifying robbery in which armed raiders tied up a mother and her eight-year-old daughter at their home in Howth is to be re-enacted tonight in a bid to catch the culprits.

RTE's Crimecall will feature the brazen raid on the home of dentist Sean Murray and his wife Lesley Geoghegan that took place on December 13, 2013.

Four raiders armed with crowbars showed up at the couple's home in the Casana View housing estate in north Co Dublin.

Two of the raiders knocked on the front door of the home and forced their way in while another two lay in wait at a back door.

Once inside, the raiders tied up Ms Geoghegan (43) and her eight-year-old daughter, who was home sick from school that day.

Using cable ties, the raiders tied the terrified mother and daughter to chairs and threatened them with crowbars while they ransacked the home looking for cash and valuables.

They managed to open a safe in the house and reportedly made off with €30,000 in cash and jewellery.

The mother and daughter were unhurt in the raid but left severely traumatised.

The raiders then stole one of the couple's cars, a Honda CRV, which was later found abandoned at the nearby Howth harbour car park.

Ms Geoghegan managed to free herself and alerted gardai to the ordeal, which lasted about 20 minutes.


Gardai are now appealing to the public on any information that could lead them to apprehend the suspects.

They were working on the assumption that the raid was well planned in advance and that the criminals believed the couple had a large sum of money in the home and waited until Mr Murray – who owns the Smiles dentistry chain – had left home for the office on the day they struck.

Crimecall will also investigate online car scams where thieves buy cars with forged bank drafts and then sell them on for cash.

An innocent driver is tricked into acting as a courier delivering the cars and forged bank draft and collecting the cash.

The programme, which airs at 9.30pm on RTE One, will also issue an appeal for information about missing person Anthony Cantillon who disappeared without a trace in January 1976.