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Garda alert as INLA thugs vow murder in feud





Gardai are monitoring a bitter falling out within the INLA terror gang after two of its main protagonists were involved in a bitter fight over drugs.

The Herald has learned that the brutal row between the two suspected killers broke out in Drogheda, Co Louth, a number of weeks ago, with both gangsters now vowing to murder each other.

“This row could well lead to multiple murders and it is being monitored by the Special Detective Unit. It is purely a cash row over extortion rackets,” a senior source said.

One of the thugs is a criminal based in Louth, who is the chief suspect for the murder of reckless Ballymun criminal Michael ‘Mad Mickey’ Devoy in Tallaght last January as well as an earlier pipe-bomb attack on the criminal.

His younger rival is one of Ireland’s most feared criminals who has been based in Castlebellingham, Co Louth, and has been involved in a violent cash drive in Meath and Louth for the past year.

He was previously convicted of a savage dissident-related murder in the North but the conviction was later quashed and a retrial collapsed when a witness refused to give evidence, telling a judge: “I have been threatened that if I give evidence I will be shot dead.”

Gardai have been monitoring the notorious criminal’s movements and he has been spending his time living in Monaghan and Louth.

Sources said that he is

suspected of being involved in extortion rackets since his release from jail.

It is understood that he

cannot return to live in his native Belfast because of an active threat on his life there.

When serving a jail term in Portlaoise Prison, the ruthless criminal left the Continuity IRA and joined the INLA.

He caused a massive security alert here in March when gardai in Louth got intelligence that he had planned to steal garda uniforms from stations in that county.

Garda uniforms are of huge value to dissident Republicans and criminal gangs. In 2010, it was reported that gangs were offering €30,000 for official uniforms which could then be used in robberies and assassination attempts.

His bitter rival is a 41-year-old criminal who is well known to gardai and is considered to be  an extremely violent criminal.

He has a number of previous convictions, including ones for public order, traffic and drink driving.

He is understood to have agreed to murder Devoy after being paid by a team linked to drugs lord Christy Kinahan.


‘Mad Mickey’ was shot dead shortly after his release from Portlaosie Prison.

He had returned to his home in Ballymun but was under threat after he was targeted in a pipe-bomb incident – which is believed to have been carried out by the Louth-based hitman – and he then moved to a safehouse in Drumcondra.

Last month, gardai arrested a dangerous 23-year-old gangster in Dublin’s north inner city and brought him to Tallaght garda station where he was questioned about setting up his pal Devoy.