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Garda accused of turning blind eye to speeding for charity

A TRAFFIC garda turned a blind eye to speeding drivers if they donated to a charity he was supporting, it has been alleged. The garda – aged in his 30s – is currently on ‘desk duties' after senior officers launched a major internal investigation.

The officer is accused of arranging to forget about offences, some of which would attract penalty points, if the driver made a contribution to the particular charity.

“He is an important member of the traffic unit and was doing his job and catching motorists for offences like speeding or using mobile phones when driving,” a source explained.

“But then he was going back to his station and ringing some of them up and offering to forget about the summonses and possible penalty points if they made a donation to his charity run.” It has emerged that many of them did and the matters were forgotten about,” the source added.

However a number of weeks ago, senior officers discovered what was happening and the garda has since been questioned about his activities.

It is understood that the traffic garda had been doing this for less than two months before his transfer.

Garda management has yet to decide what to do about his alleged activities. For the moment, the garda is not involved in frontline policing.

He has not been suspended from duty.

However as the investigation intensifies, it is possible that the garda could face serious disciplinary action, including the sack.

A source explained: “This could be the end of his career but what stands in his favour is that there is no suggestion he kept any of the money for himself: it all went to charity.

“He had an unblemished and excellent record, so it is a real shame that he has been caught up in something so stupid.

“He is well regarded by his colleagues, who can't understand why he got involved in something like this.”

The charity event in which the garda was involved took place last month.