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Gangsters shot dead after city besieged in drugs war

A shootout in Mexico has left two suspected drug cartel gunmen dead and a soldier wounded.

Gangsters also blocked roads in Monterrey for a second day, in a bold attempt to impede security patrols.

Gunmen opened fire on an army patrol outside the gates of a prestigious private university in Mexico's third-largest city, a major industrial hub, the army said.

Soldiers seized guns, ammunition and hand grenades at the scene.The wounded soldier is in stable condition.

Gang members blocked more than 30 roads in the Monterrey metropolitan area over 24 hours, including several leading out of the city, said government spokesman Luis Carlos Trevino,.

Most suspects fled after parking the trucks and other vehicles across the roads, but at least two were arrested, he said. Authorities towed the cars away, the official said.


The street blockades, a novel tactic, drive home how imbued Mexico's drug war has become in the daily life of some cities -- and how audacious cartels have become in their battle against the military and federal police.

Two of the vehicles blocking the roads were set on fire a few hundred yards from toll booths.

The federal government called the blockades a reaction to the recent capture of several alleged gang leaders in the Monterrey area.

Those include Alberto "Bad Boy" Mendoza, suspected of being a chief cartel operator linked to the Beltran Leyva gang and others in Monterrey.

The navy announced his capture yesterday.

"This is without a doubt, a desperate reaction by criminal gangs to the federal government's advances on security matters," the Interior Department said in a statement.

Gang violence has claimed 18,000 lives since Mexico President Felipe Calderon deployed thousands of troops and police against the drugs cartels. Forty soldiers have been killed.