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Gangsters' jail riot

TWO of gangland's most prominent killers were involved in a savage attack on a woman prison officer and her colleague.

'Champagne Killer' Karl Breen and Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch led a riot at the Midlands prison last night in which 50 inmates fought pitched battles.

The female officer was assaulted when the planned mass attack erupted after prisoners refused to leave the exercise yard at around 6pm.

One of the chief architects of the violence was so-called 'Moet Killer' Breen.

"They assaulted two officers including a female. It was a very tense and dangerous situation which led to the entire prison being placed on lockdown," said a source. "The stand-off lasted for around an hour and the two officers required hospital treatment."

Order was restored when officers in riot gear and with dogs entered the yard and the rioting prisoners were subdued.

Well-known Dublin criminals Breen and Hutch were "in the thick of the action".

Last month, the Herald revealed that that a huge drugs and mobile phone distribution network linked to Hutch was severely disrupted after detectives in Portlaoise, Co Laois, arrested a man from the north inner city as he tried to smuggle contraband into the Midlands Prison.

Because of increased security measures in jails, mobile phones in the prison system are now scarce, meaning that phones are now worth up to a staggering €1,500 each inside the jail system.

Sources say that the gangs hire out phones for around €80 a day in jail to other criminals but if the mobiles are seized, the person caught with them is liable for a bill of up to €1,500 to the gangs who control the phones.


Hutch (26) is serving jail sentences totalling 15 years for firearms, manslaughter and theft-related offences.

It is understood that he has become close to so-called Champagne killer Karl Breen (31), the leader of the infamous D22 drugs gang that terrorised Clondalkin for years.

The feared gang boss is serving a nine year sentence for the manslaughter of his pal Martin McLaughlin on January 1, 2006, during a cocaine and booze-fuelled session at Jurys Croke Park Hotel.

Breen earned his 'Moet killer' nickname when it emerged that he was part of a group of five couples who drank five bottles of Moet & Chandon before the new year celebrations turned very nasty.


At his murder trial in October, 2007, it was revealed that Breen stabbed his mate Martin McLoughlin three times in a brutal row before going on the run for two days.

The build-up to the case was marked by a campaign of terrifying intimidation against witnesses which was driven by Breen's gangland associates.

Since he was jailed, Breen has been caught with illegal mobile phones on several occasions in jail.

Jail sources say that Breen and Hutch may face disciplinary action for their role in last night's riot.