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Gangster's 'Breaking Bad' plot to cause mayhem with four murders at same time

A suspected double killer, who is considered one of the country's most dangerous criminals, is planning to murder four rivals on the same night.

The thug, aged in his 20s and from Clondalkin, is planning a 'gangland spectacular' in which four men would be shot dead on the same night to cause "maximum mayhem".

The Herald has learned that the gangster – who is the chief suspect for shooting Jason Carroll (39) dead in August – has been trying to enlist other criminals to take part in the unprecedented bloodbath.



The sinister plot echoes what viewers of hit show Breaking Bad witnessed when one character organised the murder of a number of inmates in separate jails at the same time.

Gardai are continuing to monitor the criminal.

A source said: "His plan is to cause maximum mayhem and complete confusion for the gardai.

"It seems that he thinks that gardai would not be able to cope if they had to deal with four murders on the same night that happened around the same time in the same locality. He may not be wrong on that but he is unlikely to have the organisational skills or the backing to carry out his sick plan in reality."

A source said: "He has been open enough about his intentions and has even been asking around to see would other fellas get involved. He has named his targets and they all live in the Clondalkin and Neilstown areas."

The criminal, who is also suspected of the unsolved murder of Dean Johnson at Moorfield Avenue, Clondalkin, in May 2011, is under serious threat from associates of Jason Carroll who laundered cash for the Christy Kinahan international crime network before his death last year.

Gangsters loyal to Carroll have raised more than €100,000 to have him shot dead, but the criminal intends to hit them first, sources say.



Since the murder of Carroll, the criminal has been living at various locations, including in a hotel in north Dublin, but he has also been spotted around his old stomping ground in Clondalkin where he has a small 'hardcore' of close associates.

While this has been happening, rival gangsters have been desperately trying to locate the criminal, who has a distinctive nickname and is known for his brutal temper. It is believed that he acquired his bizarre nickname as a reference to the perceived size of his manhood.

Sources say that he spent a number of hours hiding in bushes with a close associate on the night of August 29 last year waiting for Carroll to return to his home at Cherrywood Drive in Clondalkin.

"There were kids playing football around him that night but he kept calm and focused on the job in hand and he blasted Carroll out of it when the chance came," a source said.

Carroll was shot six times with a handgun. The killers escaped in a red Renault Clio which was discovered on fire at the Newcastle Road near Clondalkin shortly after the murder.

Carroll, who was strongly linked to a number of serious criminals, was a close friend of Daniel Kinahan – the son of the leader of Ireland's biggest and most dangerous drugs syndicate, Christy Kinahan. Considered a wealthy criminal, the Criminal Assets Bureau had been planning to serve a tax demand of €100,000 on Carroll, who claimed his income was derived from a bread delivery business.

Sources say that the gangster shot Carroll because he blamed him for attempting to murder him just five days earlier.

Instead of him being shot on that occasion, a 21-year-old man called Dean Johnson, who had been socialising earlier with the mobster, was shot dead.

The dangerous criminal quickly got word that Carroll had organised the killing.

In a strange twist, Dean Johnson, who was murdered last August, was not related to the Dean Johnson who the gangster is suspected of murdering in 2011.

Within five days Carroll had been shot dead and gardai fear that more murders may follow.