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Gangster price faces Christmas in UK jail as kidnapping trial is put off until 2021

Moaning mobster and pals to spend festive season behind bars


Cornelius Price

Cornelius Price

Cornelius Price

​One of Ireland's most feared criminals looks set to spend Christmas behind bars over delays in his kidnap trial and has moaned that he has not been able to see his solicitor.

Cornelius Price (39), who is linked to the Maguire mob involved in the deadly Drogheda feud, is one of six people charged in the UK over a plot to kidnap two men in the Midlands.

He is charged with two counts of conspiring to falsely imprison Muhammad and Shah Ali last July, as well as two counts of conspiring to blackmail both men on the same dates.

During a sitt-ing of Wood Green Crown Court yesterday, the mobster moaned that he has not had any contact with his legal representative.

Speaking via video-link from HM Prison Dovegate, Price complained: "I have had no contact with my solicitor. No contact, no paperwork, no nothing."

Price and his five co-accused, who include his close associate Mark Kavanagh (32), were due to be arraigned yesterday and enter their pleas.

However, the court was told their lawyers could not get hold of them in prison and that they will be arraigned next month.

Judge David Aaronberg also said there is "no prospect whatsoever" of the case going ahead in January, meaning Price and his co-conspirators now face spending Christmas behind bars awaiting trial.

Drogheda man Kavanagh, whose address is listed as Manchester, is also charged with two counts of conspiracy to falsely imprison and two counts of conspiracy to blackmail.

Originally from Yellowbatter, Kavanagh, like many of those with links to the feuding Drogheda mobs, fled Ireland earlier this year.


Dovegate Prison, where Price is being held.

Dovegate Prison, where Price is being held.

Dovegate Prison, where Price is being held.

While based in the UK, he hooked up with other members of the Maguire gang, including Price.


However, the criminals did not know they were the focus of a major surveillance operation by English police, which led to their arrests in July.

Both men are considered very close associates of mob boss Owen Maguire, who was left paralysed in a shooting outside his home more than two years ago.

A close associate of Kavanagh has also had a lucky escape during a feud gun attack when the rival faction tried to murder him in May last year, during which an innocent person passing by was nearly shot.

In March last year, Kavanagh and Owen Maguire's brother Luke (39) were given suspended jail sentences at Drogheda District Court for being in possession of a number of weapons.

The two Maguire mob associates will now spend several more weeks in a UK prison due to the delays.

Two other men, Darren McClean and Quincy Bramble, are charged with the kidnap of Muhammad Ali on July 8.

The two accused, as well as Price, Kav- anagh, Danny Bridges and Lisa Finnerty, are also charged with conspiring to unlawfully and injuriously imprison Muhammad and Shah Ali and detain them against their will, between July 7 and 17.

All six also face charges of blackmail with a view to gaining for themselves or others conspired together to make unwarranted demands of monies from the same complainants on the same date.

Yesterday, Quincy Jarron Bramble (30), who travelled to court from Birmingham, stood alone in the dock as he was told he would be remanded at HM Prison Pentonville.

Judge Aaronberg ruled that the matter should be pushed back to next month considering the circumstances.

"I have adjourned the case until December 17," he said.

"On December 17, when all the defendants will be arr- aigned, the court will set a further stage date and attempt to allocate a trial slot.

"There is no prospect whatsoever in trying this case in January,."


Addressing the lawyers, the judge said: "You all need to be thinking about making an app- lication to extend the custody time limit."

Turning to Bramble, he said: "You know that you have been charged with a number of other people.

"You have now been moved from Birmingham, and we anticipate you will be going to Pentonville."

All six accused will appear before Wood Green Crown Court on December 17 for a plea and trial preparation hearing at which they will be formally arraigned.

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