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Gangster Jay under threat after pal beats girl up at party


Jay O'Connor (Photo: Sunday World)

Jay O'Connor (Photo: Sunday World)

Jay O'Connor (Photo: Sunday World)

Embattled gangster Jason 'Jay' O'Connor is facing more trouble after a junior associate of his beat up a girl at a house party.

The isolated criminal, who is involved in a bitter west-Dublin feud, is now "in bother" with his former associates on the city's southside over the incident in Blanchardstown at the weekend.

"Jay is in a pretty weak position and the last thing he needs is the fellas who he considers to be his friends to be giving him grief," a source said.

"He was not even at that party but he is still facing questions over what his younger associate did. O'Connor is just so volatile at the moment and is under so much threat that people don't want anything to do with him anymore."

O'Connor is involved in a feud that has already seen one murder last summer where he was the intended target.

His main rival can't be named here for legal reasons but the man survived an assassination attempt earlier this month when an associate of O'Connor was suspected of using a gunman to target him at Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown.

Only days before that, O'Connor was detained by gardai investigating reports that he had damaged the property of a female friend.

In another blow, one of his closest associates was arrested shortly before Christmas.


It is believed that a psychopathic criminal, who is suspected of making two failed attempts to murder exiled crimelord John Gilligan, has also taken up a contract on O'Connor's life.

All this has led to sustained armed garda patrols in the Blanchardstown area.

The feud that O'Connor is involved in began as part of a deadly falling out between former associates in the notorious Westies gang when the north Dublin mob imploded over a decade ago.