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Gangs look for isolated houses to grow drugs

GARDAI are urging communities to remain vigilant for cannabis growhouses after a spate of significant seizures.

Gardai believe criminal gangs are now renting homes in isolated areas around the country while they grow huge quantities of drugs.

Officers now want people living in rural parts of the county to remain on the look-out for and report any unusual or suspicious activity.

The gangs often rent houses in rural areas for the six to eight-week growing period, leaving one person on the premises before moving on.

The matter was also raised at the Co Galway Joint Policing Committee, after a number of raids in rural Galway over the past week.

Gardai also carried out successful raids on growhouses in Wexford, Roscommon and Carlow.

Cannabis plants with a street value of more than €1.2m were recovered in the raids.