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Gangland machine gun
psychopath on the loose

Gardai have identified a new psychopathic killer on Ireland's gangland scene who riddled a criminal victim with bullets from a machine gun after breaking his teeth in with a hammer in a grotesque torture session.

The baby-faced thug cannot be named for legal reasons but the Herald can reveal that 
the so-called 'Machine Gun Kid' is from the Clondalkin area 
of west Dublin.

And officers hope to press murder charges against him in relation to one of the most savage murders in recent years.

Sources have revealed that the man, who is in his early 20s, has links to exiled gangster John Gilligan, who fled the country last March.

It is believed that young thug is actively "renting" a machine gun out for hire to other gangs.

Sources say that gardai have established that the Clondalkin "baby face" and a Dublin accomplice drove from the capital to another location in Ireland to carry out a gruesome torture and machine gun murder linked to the drugs trade.


Sources say that after the sinister killing was carried out, the two young brutes drove back to Dublin where they attended a major social event and went to a crack cocaine party with 'high-end' prostitutes.

After this, they went on a further cocaine binge on Spain's Costa-Del-Crime - sessions which were all being monitored by undercover gardai.

While the thugs partied in Spain, detectives swooped on other gang members, who are now facing serious charges before the courts.

A senior source told the Herald that the 'baby-faced' psychopath is the "epitome" of 
a famously used quote attributed to 1980s' Dublin heroin kingpin Larry Dunne.

Dunne reportedly warned gardai that if they thought he was bad, they should see what was coming up behind him.


A senior source pointed out: "This thug comes from a respectable family and grew up in a nice estate, but he is only in his early 20s and yet he is causing absolute mayhem.

"He can't be watched 24\7 because there are not the
 resources for it.

"Despite his age, he is a senior drug dealer. He is absolutely ruthless and everyone is terrified of him. He is linked to at least one murder in Dublin.

"He drives around with a machine gun on him in his top of-the-range car and when he pulls up beside people they are either worried about being shot dead or stabbed. This lad is a maniac."