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Gangland killing: Background

Daniel Treacy was a nephew of murdered Limerick crime figure Kieran Keane.

The victim's brother Owen Treacy's, of Munchin's Street, St Mary's Park, life is constantly under threat of death and was viewed by rivals as a supergrass in the vicious drug trade war in Limerick.

The McCarthy-Dundon gang put Kieran Keane and Philip Collopy on a hit list after the Eddie Ryan murder.

Keane and Treacy were both lured by members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang in an attempt to seize control of the city's drug trade.

Keane was shot dead by Dessie Dundon (27) and Anthony 'Noddy' McCarthy (26) in 2003. Treacy was left with 17 stab wounds and presumed dead. But he survived and became the leading state prosecution witness in the case.

His evidence led to five members of the McCarthy Dundon gang being jailed for life for the murder of Kieran Keane.