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Gangland hitmen return to scene of double Tesco killing

GARDAI are struggling to build enough evidence to charge the suspected killers of two innocent cousins who were shot dead at a petrol station in north Dublin last November.

Cousins Glen Murphy (19) and Mark Noonan (23) were gunned down on the forecourt of the Tesco Clearwater filling station on November 23 last year.

After fleeing to Northern Ireland after the murders, the killers have now been spotted back in north Dublin.

Glen Murphy's mother, Michelle, says she can't bring herself to read the texts he sent her telling her he loved her.

Sources say that at least two of the three-man hit-squad involved in the murders have been spotted back on their home patch of Coolock.

Just days after the double murder, gardai identified the hitmen involved in the attack -- they are two brothers and a man aged in their mid-20s from the Coolock area who have been involved in gangland crime since they were in their teens.


The last big development in the case happened in February when a man in his 30s from Kilbarrack was arrested and questioned for 48 hours but released without charge.

This man is suspected of mistakenly putting a "non-sophisticated" tracking device on the Toyota Avensis car that was owned by Mark Noonan.

Sources say Mr Noonan's car was very similar to a car which was driven by the intended targets -- two feared drug dealers who have already survived several attempts on their lives since 2009.

Now, on the first anniversary of Glen's death, Michelle has said: "I've lost my hair, been unable to sleep, and lost weight, all because of the nightmare we found ourselves in because of the evil action of others."

The two young men had gone to the filling station to buy sweets and cigarettes. Gardai believe they were followed by a gang using a tracking device which had mistakenly been put in the car they were in.

"I haven't been able to use my mobile phone in a year because I can't bring myself to look at the texts from my beautiful son telling me he loves me," said Michelle (38).

Michelle, from Drumalee Drive, also told how her children Danielle (19), Darren (16) and Craig (13) had been left traumatised by the murders.

"My two youngest boys won't leave the house and every time we mention Glen, Danielle leaves the room," she said.

Glen's father, Tommy (43), said: "We are not looking for revenge, we just want justice."