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Gangland criminal Wayne Bradley still in hospital after beating


Wayne Bradley

Wayne Bradley

Wayne Bradley

Gangland criminal Wayne Bradley remained under guard in hospital last night almost a week after he suffered a "horrendous beating" in an exercise yard in Mountjoy Prison.

Jail insiders have revealed that the two main protagonists involved in the vicious assault on Bradley have now been disciplined by the prison authorities, but the duo were allowed family visits over the Christmas period.

Bradley (35) was savagely attacked by the other inmates - one of whom was armed with a crutch - in the jail's A-wing yard last Tuesday afternoon.

The Herald can reveal that one of the inmates is an extremely dangerous 24-year-old criminal from Dublin's south inner city who was aided by his relative. This 19-year-old from Finglas is serving a four-year sentence for a serious assault.

The south inner city criminal has multiple previous convictions, including a jail sentence for being involved in a gang fight in the Criminal Court of Justice in September, 2013.

After being attacked by other thugs, the south inner city criminal and another 27-year-old man moved around the side of the hall and attacked the rival faction after gardai had tried to remove them from the area. They tried to grab and punch, but gardai managed to break up the fight after about 10 seconds.

The south inner city gangster is considered one of the capital's most reckless criminals, and before he was locked up he was involved in a campaign of terror in which he administered a number of severe beatings to rival criminals.

The 24-year-old, who is a top target for gardai, has been warned on a number of occasions about an active threat against his life. Some of his close associates are suspected of involvement in the gun murder of Declan O'Reilly in September, 2012.

He was also jailed for five years in 2008 for threatening a heavily pregnant woman with a 12-inch blade when he went to rob her wallet, as well as other robbery charges.


It is not known why the thug targeted Bradley, but one theory is he was badly beaten because of the "heat" he has brought on fellow inmates after the Herald revealed that the Finglas criminal was breaching the terms of his temporary release.

Sources say that Bradley, who is serving a five-year sentence for his role in a €900,000 cash-in-transit robbery conspiracy, is likely to be moved to high- security Portloaise Prison when he is discharged from the Mater Hospital.