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Gang robs kegs from pub full of drinkers

BRAZEN thieves loaded kegs of beer and spirits into a van in a Dublin pub robbery -- while the bar was full of customers.

The robbery took place at the Summit Inn in Howth on Thursday night, when a car and a van pulled up outside the pub.

Four raiders broke into the pub and proceeded to remove large quantities of stock.

By the time manager PJ O'Connor came across the robbery, at 9.30pm, only one member of the gang was still in the storeroom, he told the Herald.


The thief tried to get past Mr O'Connor, who was standing in the doorway, but he threw the hooded thug into crates of beer.

The raider eventually escaped by car with an accomplice, but not before brandishing what appeared to be a weapon when Mr O'Connor ran outside to note the registration plate.

The two other thieves had already left in the van. Gardai in Howth are investigating.