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Gang rioted then returned to burn down garda station

GARDAI quelled a pitch battle between 40 teenagers – who then returned to attempt to burn down the garda station.

Reinforcements from all over the capital were called in to break up the riot between feuding gang members in the south city.

The thugs later returned and tried to petrol bomb the station in Crumlin. A patrol car was also targeted in the attack.

Officers described how the youths – some as young as 15 – were involved in the turf war over drugs sales.

The groups were battling to fill the vacuum left by the departure of gang boss ‘Fat Freddie’ Thompson to Spain.

Eleven youngsters were arrested in the running skirmishes involving bricks, bottles and gateposts.

The young thugs then tried to burn down a Dublin garda station — 24 hours after they were involved in the mass brawl.

Officers at Crumlin garda station managed to put out the fire after petrol bombs were thrown at the building and a patrol car in the early hours of Monday morning.

The arson attack was carried out in an deliberate attempt to maim or kill officers.

The new criminals had been released from custody from the station hours earlier, having been arrested in a riot in the area in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Gardai fear that the two warring groups of youths are filling the vacuum of violence in the area since a garda crackdown led to the calming of the infamous Crumlin-Drimnagh gang war.

Despite rowing with each other, the two feuding groups united to attack gardai in a street brawl, and then to try and burn down the station following their release from custody, it is understood.

The drama began in the early hours of Sunday morning last, when a riot broke out in Crumlin village.

Forty men armed with bricks, bottles and gateposts engaged in running street battles in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Eleven males, one of whom was 15 years old, were arrested following the mass brawl outside a pub in the village involving two feuding groups in the area. When gardai arrived on the scene, both groups united and turned on the officers.

A number of individuals are believed to have been injured in the scuffles, including two gardai, but no-one was hospitalised.

A number of the men involved in the drunken row fled to a private house, where they barricaded themselves in, but gardai managed to make a number of arrests. The disturbances lasted for an hour.

A total of 11 men, ranging from 15 to 43 years of age, were taken into custody and released without charge later that day.

A file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in respect of all those involved. Further arrests are expected after the brawl was caught on CCTV cameras in Crumlin village.

The row is believed to be linked to the attack on Crumlin Garda Station the following night.

It is understood that during their arrest the previous evening, a number of the youths issued threats that they would attack the station.

Gardai at the station managed to put out the flames after petrol was thrown onto the station and a patrol car and set alight.


An eagle-eyed officer heard noises at the rear of the building and came across the blaze, which was quickly put out. The arson attack occurred at 1.30am on Monday morning, and shortly afterwards a beer keg was thrown into the car park in Crumlin Garda Station.

A private car, owned by one of the gardai stationed in Crumlin, which was parked in the carpark was damaged in that incident. No members of the force or the public were injured in the attacks. It is not the first time that gardai have been threatened by criminals from the Crumlin area.

A leading player in the Crumlin- Drimnagh gang feud threatened to murder several leading gardai in court last year.

One of the gardai threatened in court had previously had a bullet placed on the windscreen of his wife's car at their family home.