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Gang led by Marlo pal threaten lives of every garda in rural station


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

A MAJOR criminal gang led by an associate of slain mob boss Martin Marlo Hyland has threatened the lives of every garda at a station in Co Kildare.

In an unprecedented situation, six uniformed officers were warned of credible death threats after being subject to intimidation that they believe is a reaction to a local crackdown on organised crime.

The gardai based in Carbury, Co Kildare, now park their personal cars at another station and are driven to work in a squad car.

Two weeks ago, two shotgun blasts shattered the front window of the station during an early-morning attack.

The culprits then poured petrol through the window of the station, which was closed at the time, and set it alight.

In 2009, the two-room station house was extensively damaged in a separate arson attack by the same gang.

More recently, one officer was followed to his home and threatened. Bullets were left at the house and a petrol bomb was thrown at the front door which fortunately failed to ignite.

“This situation has been developing in Carbury over a number of years but it has been steadily escalating for the past year,” a source said.

“It has never before been heard of that an entire station party has found themselves under serious threat and we need armed patrols to protect them going about their work.

“This gang are out of control and trying to turn the place into a lawless, no-go area.

“If it continues unchecked, we could be looking at another Adrian Donohoe situation and that is not an exaggeration.”

The gang behind the sinister campaign is led by a Dublin man who is classed as one of the country’s biggest drug traffickers.

He was one of several major criminals who moved to live in isolated rural areas of Kildare over the past decade to avoid police attention.

He has been linked with several gangland murders and was an associate of crime godfather Marlo Hyland who was murdered in 2006.

Innocent plumber Anthony Campbell (20), who was working in the Finglas house where Hyland was killed, was also shot dead in the incident.

The issue of the threats to the gardai was raised with the Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan during a closed session at the Garda Representative Association’s annual conference on Tuesday.

After several run-ins with criminals, the local gardai were recently served with Garda Information Messages – documents which are issued to people when gardai receive credible intelligence that their lives are being threatened.

Sources say that although a number of major security operations involving heavily-armed members of the Regional Support Units have taken place in the region, they have not been enough to deter the criminals.

Union representatives have urged Ms O’Sullivan to supply armed back-up to protect their colleagues.