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Gang hit survivor 'Mole' locked up in an English prison

A notorious Traveller criminal who is confined to a wheelchair and required 18 months of hospital treatment after he miraculously survived an assassination attempt is locked up in an English jail, the Herald has learned.

Finglas man Anthony 'The Mole' McDonagh (48) was picked up by English police and is in the closing stages of a short sentence imposed on him for a number of "historical crimes" according to senior sources.

It is understood that special arrangements had to be made for the Mole in the prison because of his disabilities. The sentence he is serving is for crimes that he committed in England before he was almost murdered in July 2010.

Sources say that a very close associate of The Mole has been claiming that there was an active threat on his life and wants to move out of his Finglas home because of the threats.

It is understood that gardai have found no evidence to back up these claims, which were made in recent days.

The Mole was blasted five times by a lone gunman in broad daylight on the River Road in Finglas in 2010.


He and his nephew, Kieran McDonagh, were attacked as they sat in their white Ford van after being stopped at what they thought were council roadworks.

The gunman approached the van and produced a 9mm handgun. He began firing, hitting Anthony McDonagh in the side and chest.

His nephew tried to flee to safety but was shot in the shoulder. The gunman's firearm jammed, allowing the McDonaghs to flee on foot.

After the shooting, the Mole required constant 24/7 armed garda protection. He spent well over a year at Blanchardstown's Connolly Memorial Hospital before being transferred to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire.

He was released from hospital in January 2012, but is permanently disabled. Gardai were required to provide protection for him for months after his hospital discharge.

Gardai believe that the gang who were led by Eamon 'The Don' Dunne tried to murder the Mole.