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Gang boss Dundon gets VIP treatment at the Joy

GANG leader Dessie Dundon has been given VIP treatment in Mountjoy Prison -- as overcrowding led to six inmates sleeping on a reception area floor.

Killer Dundon (27) was given his own cell on the D1 wing of the prison after he was transferred from Wheatfield Prison on Sunday evening.

Yards away six other inmates were forced to sleep on a concrete floor, due to overcrowding.

The situation was today slammed as "shambolic" by Fine Gael justice spokesman Charlie Flanagan.

"The fact that a number of prisoners should be treated in such a way and a dangerous criminal is given preferential treatment further illustrates the inadequacies in the system," he said.

Dundon is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Limerick crime lord Kieran Keane.

Chronic overcrowding at the prison has forced management to house prisoners in an area normally used for processing incoming prisoners and issuing them with prison clothing.

A source revealed to the Herald that six men slept on mattresses laid out on the floor on Sunday evening, six slept on the same floor on Saturday with eight prisoners on Friday and a staggering 10 prisoners last Thursday.

A spokesperson for Dermot Ahern and the Department of Justice told the Herald that the overcrowding and the treatment of Mr Dundon was a prison service matter.

The Prison Service said that they would not comment on Dundon's case, but made a general statement on the levels of overcrowding.

"Overcrowding in prisons is an international problem and not unique to Ireland," the statement read.

"The Government reaffirmed its commitment to developing a new prison campus at Thornton Hall. However, that project will not be finalised for some years and in the interim we are providing additional facilities in our other prisons to help relieve the pressure on numbers in Mountjoy Prison."


But Fine Gael Justice spokesperson Charlie Flanagan has condemned the special treatment of murderer Dessie Dundon.

"This is a further example of how shambolic our prison system really he is," he said.

"Mountjoy should be closed, it has been condemned by national reports and international experts.

"It has become unsafe and dangerous, with prison officers forced to work in dangerous conditions and the government has done nothing to alleviate the chronic overcrowding at the prison."

Dessie Dundon was 20 years old when he took part in the murder of Limerick crime boss Kieran Keane in 2003, a crime he was later convicted of along with four associates.

Kieran Keane (36) of Garryowen, Limerick, had his hands tied behind his back and was shot once in the head in an execution-style killing. There was evidence that he was tortured at or before the time of death.