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Gang boss associate jailed over stolen cars


Benny Whitehouse

Benny Whitehouse

Benny Whitehouse

A CLOSE associate of the gang who were feuding with murder victim Benny Whitehouse has been sent to jail for 30 months for his role in a stolen car scam.

Wayne Bussey (35) admitted two counts of handling stolen property at Dublin Circuit Court following an investigation by gardai at Laytown, Co Meath.

Sources told the Herald that Bussey is very close to a brutal north Co Dublin based gang boss.


Bussey, who also uses other aliases, hails from Rochdale in northern England but in recent years has been living at addresses in Balbriggan and Gormanston, Co Meath, where he hooked up with the dangerous gang who were feuding with Benny Whitehouse (above).

The 35-year-old was shot dead at Clonard Street, Balbriggan, at 9am on Thursday, September 25, in front of his shocked partner who also received injuries in the gun attack linked to a long-running feud.

Jailed Bussey is a close pal of the anti-Whitehouse mob and is currently banged up in west Dublin's Wheatfield Prison.

He admitted at Dublin Circuit Court to handling a stolen Skoda Octavia car valued at €7,000 at the car-park City North Hotel at Gormanston on June 25, 2011. He also admitted a separate charge of handling a stolen Skoda Fabia car at the Coachman's Inn at Cloghran, north co Dublin on a date in October, 2011.

Sources have revealed that some England-based associates of Bussey are wanted in Greece for their involvement in a major counterfeit money scam in that country.

However, the main focus for gardai are some of Bussey's Irish-based associates who are suspected of involvement in the gruesome Benny Whitehouse murder.

Bussey is not suspected of any involvement in the killing.